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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: literate programming pamphlet files for MathAc

From: Bob McElrath
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: literate programming pamphlet files for MathAction
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 09:25:04 -0700
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root address@hidden wrote:
> I hope that, in the longer term, the mathaction wiki page presents the
> original pamphlet file when you click 'edit'. That would imply running
> noweb in the background when you click 'save'. The hard part, of course,
> is that the change might actually fail, in which case there will be a
> noweb msg or latex log file. 

Right now tha page is not rendered and an error is printed at the bottom
of the page when you view it.  Ideally, this integration should be
tighter.  Perhaps a "test" button that could pop up the rendered page?

> If we could do this then it would be possible (at least technically)
> to maintain axiom directly from the wiki pages. Of course there are
> a lot of little steps along the way. I'd like to see the ability to 
> integrate CVS (or arch?) automatically into web page changes. 

This was mentioned before...

Zope has a rudimentary "change history" that can be used to undo bad
changes, but it is crude as a versioning system.

There is also a Zope product called FileSystemSite in which your site
is stored in a directory on the filesystem, rather than in the ZODB.
Such a directory can simultaneously be a CVS/arch/darcs repository.
Presumably it wouldn't be that hard to get Zope/ZWiki/LatexWiki to
ignore the CVS directory.

Bob McElrath [Univ. of California at Davis, Department of Physics]
    It is unpatriotic to question the Kleptocracy.

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