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[Axiom-developer] Re: windows/linux coherency

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: windows/linux coherency
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 09:54:32 +0100

Hello Bill,

On 19 Dec 2004 at 16:40, address@hidden wrote:

> I would like to complete the new version of Rosetta CD for Windows by
> adding Axiom + WinTeXmacs, executable directly from the CD.

If my proposal seems too Windows-specific or too complicated to implement or
inadequate, the minimum I would need for the Rosetta CD would be the 
possibility for
tm_axiom.exe to read whether it must use texbreaker or not, from a user writable
place, so either from a file in USERPROFILE or ALLUSERSPROFILE directories, or
from memory through an environment variable TM_AXIOM containing some instruction
specific to your version, say "texbreaker=y" or "texbreaker=n", or anything you 
appropriate, and silently ignore anything else to eliminate the possibility of 
some other
program defining also a TM_AXIOM env var. Otherwise, I would have to put all 
in texmacs/plugins/axiom because Andrei Grozin's (cygwin) tm_axiom seems not to
read the AXIOM env var, or add its location to the  PATH, which I prefer to 
avoid, as it
is a source of potential problems (in my opinion). Technically, putting Axiom 
in a
TeXmacs subdir is sufficient to have a working Rosetta CD, but it would be more
satisfactory to be able to put it in a more logical place.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Best wishes

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