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[Axiom-developer] Re: windows/linux coherency

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: windows/linux coherency
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:40:41 +0100

Hello Tim, Bill and everybody,

I would like to complete the new version of Rosetta CD for Windows by adding
Axiom + WinTeXmacs, executable directly from the CD. In order to do it in the
best conditions, I think that it would be desirable, as suggested by Tim, to 
windows/linux coherency. For this I would propose the following:

1 - READ-ONLY DIRECTORIES (on cd-rom):

                                        \(other files of axiom binary distrib)
                                                  \ (other files of WinTeXmacs 
binary distrib)


A - Defaults :

a - axiom.ini in Axiom main directory on cd-rom.
b - If axiom.ini is present in user's directory, it overrides default 
axiom.ini. More
- On Linux, if $HOME\axiom.ini is present, it overrides default axiom.ini
- On Windows, if  USERPROFILE\axiom.ini is present, it overrides default
axiom.ini; if not present, if ALLUSERSPROFILE\axiom.ini is present, it overrides
default axiom.ini

B - Customized:
If axiomsys is invoked with the -i switch (or --init, or whatever switch best 
suited) :

axiomsys -i My_personal_directory\my_personal_initialization_file.ini

where the dir name and file name are any legal name for the OS, then the file
my_presonal_initialization_file.ini overrides all other init files.

Right now, axiom.ini would contain :
- anything that would seem important for Axiom initialization,
- a switch allowing / preventing Bill's tm_axiom to use linebreaker.c. This 
would be
desirable to provide flexibility to the user, in case it would happen that 
TeXmacs or texbreaker.c can be broken from time to time. Right now, the switch
would be to disallow the use of texbreaker


Introduce in Bill's tm_axiom.c the possibility to select the correct ini file 
for Axiom
as defined above, and to read the value of the texbreaker switch.

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