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[Axiom-developer] reqeust

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] reqeust
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:51:52 -0500

since we can set up the architecture of such a system any way we want
(it's all on the same CD) we could consider a much tighter coupling
between axiom and the local browser.

currently pages are in html/xml format and are interpreted by the
browser. suppose we change the model and open up the local browser.

we could create a plugin (or flash???) that runs in a tab and
  (a) a blank window 
  (b) in input socket 
  (c) output socket
  (d) an API

the API could be simple text i/o over the sockets with terminal-like

the API could be a drawing ability that allows X/Y pixel addressing

the browser could have many different "specialized" tabs that present
different APIs. This would be a tight coupling to Axiom for certain
tabs and general purpose html in the rest of the tabs.

if we could do this then the various parts of axiom, namely the 
console, the axiom help-browser, and the graphics could all be
running at the same time in separate tabs.

and since the browser can open new windows rather than tabs all
of these could be separate windows.

do you know how to create a window/canvas/blank-thing in a tab?
can we (using javascript? using a modified browser) draw text or
lines in that blank area?

this would go directly to Bill Page's hope of having a browser
be the universal front-end of Axiom.


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