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[Axiom-developer] RE: findSpadfiles

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: findSpadfiles
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 16:06:24 -0500


On January 22, 2006 3:16 PM you wrote:
> I don't recall adding that character.

Hmmm... me neither. How'd it get there? :)

> The character has to be there because that's the "escape"
> character used by noweb.

That is a pretty good argument however I don't think it
applies in this case. If I leave the @ character there, the
Axiom build fails (at least on my SuSe 9 installation). If I
remove it, then the build works. Strange.

Maybe this is something peculiar to SuSe 9? I have not seen
this problem before on Fedora Core 3 or on Debian although I
have not checked this part of the build code in a the last few
months. I presume that you also did not have any build failures
on your test systems?

If you remove the @ characters, does the build fail on any of
your test systems?

> If you use the standard noweb (rather than the axiom
> patch version) you need to escape the << characters
> otherwise noweb will assume you are creating a new chunk.

I am using the version that is part of the Axiom source in the
current tla archive. I have not attempted to make any changes
to use standard noweb. This is just straight out of the tla box.

The noweb documentation says:

"Code chunks begin with
<<chunk name>>=
on a line by itself.  The double  left  angle  bracket  (<<)
must  be  in the first column."

So I think that noweb will not treat the embedded '<< ... >>='
sequence in the following 

egrep '<<(domain|package|category) .*>>=' ...

as a new chunk definition. But I agree that it might have
ignored the trailing = and treated it as a reference to a
chunk with a very peculiar name. I don't know why this is not
happening, but I do know that if I keep the @ in

egrep '@<<(domain|package|category) .*>>=' ...

then for some reason notangle (mark) does not remove the @
that way the noweb documentation says it is supposed to.


BTW, here is a reference about editing noweb (pamphlet)
documents that might be of interest to some Axiom developers:

"Kate Syntax Highlighting for Noweb"

Kate is a popular programming editor especially on KDE.

Bill Page.

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