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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: axserver and hyperdoc

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: axserver and hyperdoc
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 17:33:22 -0400

>> It occurs to me that we could make a page that does not replace
>> the current result with the new result but adds the current result
>> to the prior results. In this way we have the complete console
>> output.
>> If we have the complete console output it seems that we might want
>> to add the new result "at the top", right under the command input
>> line so the results show in "stack order". That way the current
>> result is always visible on the web page and scrolling is not needed.
>> t
>My own thoughts on the console interface was that output should be
>appended and not replace the last output.  Also I would like to be able
>to go back, edit and resubmit previous commands so all previous
>commands should be active command boxes.  That suggests a tree
>of input/output nodes with the possibility of branching off a previous node.
>Probably not all output should be visible by default since that might lead
>to a cluttered workspace so there should be a mechanism for hiding/showing
>nodes or whole branches of nodes.
>Of course the hyperdoc stuff should be easily accessible and I would also
>like to see other documentation, for instance the xhtml+mathml version of
>the Jenks-Sutor book, accesible through a menu item.  Other documentation,
>like Tim's new books, could  be added as available.
>Note that I have it set up in the Jenks-Sutor book so that the command boxes
>can be live enabling the reader to test out commands while reading.  I had
>this set up using the "serv.c" example I posted previously so I just have to
>review the javascript and make a few changes to get it working with the new
>axiom server.  Or if anybody else cares to look at it I can forward the

I'm doing some heavy editing of the pages at the moment. I've added
some chunks to make the javascript easy to include as well as standard
page headers/footers. 

It would be sweet to be able to rerun a command.  If you'll send me
the files I'll try to incorporate them and test them out. Please resend
serv.c so I'm sure I have the latest version.

Do you know if html has a tree control? We could embed the commands
and results into a tree that can be expanded or collapsed giving a
"notebook" style interface. 

I still like the idea of using "stack order" for commands because 
that keeps the latest command and result on the screen without
scrolling. Command numbering should make that unambiguous.

Clearly all of the available documentation should be reflected in
the new documentation system. I'll look at what you've done and try
to prototype an example. 

We could modify the )help command to run the axServer function so
)help would enable browsing. )help could start the browser with a
context-specific command line.


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