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[Axiom-developer] newhyper.pamphlet

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] newhyper.pamphlet
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 02:13:58 -0500

Alfredo, Arthur,

I've committed the latest newhyper.pamphlet.

I've implemented the limit pages, the drawing pages, and the series pages.
I've added another "expansion" page that doesn't exist in hyperdoc but
it is only in outline form so far.

It is possible to view the graphics from firefox now although the next
implementation will use a different method.

To test this version do:

 mkdir -p /home/silver/bitmaps                    < set up req. dirs.
 cp newhyper.pamphlet /home/silver                < put the pamphlet there
 cd /home/silver                                  < go there
 export AXIOM=(where)                             < setup axiom
 export PATH=$AXIOM/bin/lib:$AXIOM/bin:$PATH      < get notangle on path
 notangle -t8 newhyper.pamphlet > Makefile        < extract makefile
 make                                             < extract pages
 axiom -noht                                      < don't start hyperdoc
 )set mes auto off                                < reduce noise
 )set out mathml on                               < pretty output
 )lisp (load "http.lisp")                         < the socket connection
 )compile axserver                                < the axiom code
 axServer(8085,multiServ)$AXSERV                  < listen

start firefox and go to:
 file:///home/silver/rootpage.html                < fetch the first page

I'm building and testing a version of Axiom that has the new functionality
embedded in it so there will be much less startup typing. If it passes
testing I'll commit it tomorrow.

Arthur, you recently walked thru the process of setting up a new 
command (the mathml mode). Could you look at creating a patch for
silver that does something like
that effectively does 
  )set message autoload off
  )set output mathml on
I know I can do it but it's been a while and you've looked at it recently.
It could possibly take a non-default port such as
  )browser 7000


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