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[Axiom-developer] July 2009 Axiom release

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] July 2009 Axiom release
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 01:44:11 -0500

July 26, 2009 Release Notes

The syntactic conversion from the prior #1 form to the +-> form
is complete except for the GUESS package. Both forms still work
but the #1 form is discouraged.

All algebra files from src/algebra are now in books.

Work has concentrated on the hyperdoc browser. 
  * The browser files which get autoloaded into the interpreter were
    merged and removed in preparation for being rewritten into book form.
  * Glossary files were missing from the build and were added.

Work has started on a new CATS collection of verified algebraic identities,
the tpiezas set. See

Volume 5: Axiom Interpreter
  * set message autoload now defaults to off

Volume 7 Axiom Hyperdoc
  * htsearch moved to $AXIOM/bin

Volume 10.1 Axiom Algebra Theory
  * add chapter on quaternions

Volume 10.3 Domains
  * Any now has regression and help files
  * MathMLFormat domain moved from Volume 10.4
  * TexFormat has regression and help files
  * TexFormat fix for horizontal fractions
  * Quaternion was added from src/algebra

Volume 10.4 Packages
   * IntegerNumberTheoryFunctions fix divisors regression
   * Waldek's QUATCT2 algebra was added, including a help file, 
     regression tests and command examples.

  * make help files in parallel
  * make xhtml pages in parallel
  * make books documentation in parallel

  * src/interp/i-output.boot fix horizontal fractions

  * download.html add mandriva
  * download.html add may2009 binaries

input files
  * ffdemo.input fix steps 27, 57 due to divisors change
  * numbers.input fix random zero failure
  * spline.input explain how to compute 2D splines
  * tpiezas001.input CATS tests of algebraic identities
  * tpiezas002.input CATS tests of algebraic identities

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