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Re: how to pass arguments to bbdb-create-internal

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: how to pass arguments to bbdb-create-internal
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 23:53:51 +0530

On Tue Jan 9 2018 Gijs Hillenius wrote:
> I'd like to understand how to use bbdb-create-internal, part of
> bbdb-com.el. This is part of my tracking down a change or bug that
> prevents me from using bbdb-csv-import.el (from 2014).

...Strange: Recently I did change the calling sequence of
bbdb-create-internal because this function became messier and
messier each time more fields were added to BBDB records.  So now
the calling sequence relies on keywords that will help with any
further changes that might be required one day in the future.

Yet I remember I did not make the new code backward-compatible
because I thought the old code was somehow inherently broken anyway.
This would not affect BBDB itself because it does not use this
function.  Yet when I look today at the old code for
bbdb-create-internal (from before the switch to keyword args) I do
not understand anymore what could have been broken, and your code
seems to have been a happy user of this function.


- I recommend that any code using bbdb-create-internal should be
  upgraded to use the new calling sequence

- Nonetheless I'll add code to support the old calling sequence
  (combined with a warning message).


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