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Re: Conversion of old db

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: Conversion of old db
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 21:10:52 -0600

On Thu Dec 26 2019 Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> No highjacking a thread but Roland wrote ...

No worries!

>   -rw------- 1 edd edd 3.5M Nov 13  2018 .bbdb.BackupToKeep

Looks like your old database is fairly big (though this should not

>   bbdb-check-mail: Not enough arguments for format string 

I looked at the code of bbdb-check-mail, which has only one call of
format, where I cannot see a possibility how this call could have
fewer arguments than expected.  Therefore, I am a bit confused about
the error you see.

You can bypass the calls of bbdb-check-mail by setting
bbdb-allow-duplicates to t, for example

 (setq bbdb-allow-duplicates t)

Does this help?  (Is it your intention to allow mail duplicates?
Then you need this anyway.)

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