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Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: add sender without mail if mail is in some ignored-list?
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 22:17:44 +0100

> So, bbdb should have some sort of list of email addresses that
> should always be ignored and never auto-added in any way, because
> there is no reason to think they are validly asssociated with a
> person.

Thanks, yes, that makes sense.

> > Or make a BBDB record for github, and add this as an mail
> > address? It's really github sending you the email, after all.
> Then Github will show up in the BBDB window. I'd like the person
> who wrote the message to show up, not their (admittedly unusual)
> e-mail provider.

Where in the BBDB code should it be checked whether an email address
should be ignored?  bbdb-annotate-message could filter such unwanted
addresses.  Is this the right place?

If gets an email from

    John Doe <address@hidden>

I can imagine, at least, the following scenarios for BBDB's
auto-update machinery:

(1) Ignore this message completely.

(2) Create a record for John Doe if it does not yet exist,
    but without an email address.

(3) Update John Doe's existing record, but without adding the email

Case (3) is simple to handle.  I am not sure whether it may cause
problems to distinguish case (1) and (2).  (I am the wrong person to
answer this question because I do not use the auto-update stuff at all.)

Maybe, users who need to distinguish case (1) and (2) already run
the auto-update machinery in "query" mode.  Naturally, this can
filter out case (1), too.

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