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Re: bison-2.4.1 with more graph output

From: tys lefering
Subject: Re: bison-2.4.1 with more graph output
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 17:24:30 +0100
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On Wed, March 24, 2010 15:52, Akim Demaille wrote:
>>> complete the VCG tools with a GPL dot-parser.
> I agree the language is not very complex (or rather a lot of its
> complexity is in the strings), yet I would have use Bison.  Why didn't
> you?
Because it would maybe look too much like a copy of
the graphviz .y file,  so gave it a try for fun just
writing down routines.
Complexity is in strings, the huge amount of possible
attributes for node/edge/subgraph and (nesting of) edges between
subgraphs which must be expanded in separate edges.
{ a, b } -> c; becomes edge a->c and b->c
but also { { a, b } -> c} -> { d, e } and worse.
To handle this it needs recursive routines etc.

>> And can always create a new custom bison version for
>> myself with vcg drivers added. only 1 hour work for me.
> That's an hour you certainly would prefer to spend on something else :)
It took 10 min. for bison-2.4.2 and just like to do it.

Also created xml2gml.xsl but that did not result in nice
graph images with tulip (GPL) or yed (closed source java).

Akim said: "I guess that now that people know that even time is relative,
it can also have git branches"

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