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Re: Preparing Bison 3.0.5

From: Bruce Mardle
Subject: Re: Preparing Bison 3.0.5
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 14:55:39 +0000 (UTC)

%include? :-D

      From: Akim Demaille <address@hidden>
 To: Bison Patches <address@hidden> 
 Sent: Saturday, 12 May 2018, 13:15
 Subject: Preparing Bison 3.0.5
Hi all,

I would like to cut a maintenance release soon.  Some annoying
bugs have been fixed.  I don’t want to go now into more severe
surgery (such as the variant issues).  But is there anything
_not too ambitious_ that should make it into 3.0.5?



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