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Re: Preparing Bison 3.0.5

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: Preparing Bison 3.0.5
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 22:43:52 +0200

> On 12 May 2018, at 19:40, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Le 12 mai 2018 à 18:29, Hans Åberg <address@hidden> a écrit :
>>> On 12 May 2018, at 14:15, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> =20
>>> I would like to cut a maintenance release soon.  Some annoying
>>> bugs have been fixed.  I don=E2=80=99t want to go now into more severe
>>> surgery (such as the variant issues).  But is there anything
>>> _not too ambitious_ that should make it into 3.0.5?
>> It is a good with a maintenance release as the current version 3.0.4 =
>> does not compile on MacOS 10.13 - Paul Eggert made a fix [1], but did =
>> not make a release. Then, when picking it down from the archive, I had =
>> to do some hacking [2].
>> 1.
>> 2.
> Thanks Hans!

You are welcome.

> I was unaware of this issue.  Anyway, I have update bison’s
> gnulib recently, and I didn’t observe any problem on a macOS 10.13.4.
> So we should be good on that regard.

When taking down maint as on [1] above, I get files corrupted files with name 
*-c.c, therefore the patching was needed. Perhaps they come from automake 
AC_PROG_LEX in connection with -o: At least for the YACC variable, it overrides 
it, creating a subdirectory, creating funny filenames if one wants to use Bison 
with -o.

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