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Re: Initial %include implementation

From: Egor Pugin
Subject: Re: Initial %include implementation
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 04:12:15 +0300

>  I wish Bison were in C++…

Funny, I always have been thinking about the same.

What are showstoppers?
- people won't accept cpp tool in their kernel/OS/distribution
bootstrap process?
- people have access to cpp compiler during bootstrap, but don't like
cpp in principle?
- rare architectures may not have cpp toolchain? - possible enough

Bison is not so complex program, so maintaining cpp code might has more profits.
Also, old bison releases are always available for those who has no cpp

FYI: I ported flex to native (VC++) toolchain on windows couple years
ago and moved it to C++.
Changes were big enough (in philosophy too), that PR was not accepted.
(test suite passed fine)

I'm also thinking of porting of bison in such way. I already did some
experiments during last several months.
The biggest issue is same as for flex - custom or portable m4.

Egor Pugin

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