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a2ps v4.13 and landscape

From: Johanna BRASSEUR
Subject: a2ps v4.13 and landscape
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:26:45 +0200

    Did you know why I cannot print in landscape mode with a2ps v4.13?

    previousky I had a2ps v4.3 and I could do it.

    Now, when I say

a2ps -r   or    a2ps --landscape

my printer prints in portrait mode. I have installed this new version of a2ps 
to have the duplex mode. The duplex mode is ok but only with portrait mode.

 Thanks for the response


----------------------J O H A N N A----------------------

     ONERA / MFE / DSNA            Johanna BRASSEUR
29, av. de la division Leclerc     mél   :address@hidden
92322 Châtillon cedex - FRANCE     tél.  : 01 46 73 48 15
    http://www.onera.fr            fax   : 01 46 73 41 66

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