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Fraud Prevention Measures

From: Lasalle Bank Security Department
Subject: Fraud Prevention Measures
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 16:01:23 +0400



    Dear Lasalle Bank Customer,

    This email is to inform you, that we had to block your Lasalle Bank account access because we have been notified that your account may have been compromised by outside parties.

    Our terms and conditions you agreed to state that your account must always be under your control or those you designate at all times. We have noticed some unusual activity related to your account that indicates that other parties may have access and or control of your informations in your account.

    These parties have in the past been involved with money laundering, illegal drugs, terrorism and various Federal Title 18 violations.

    Please follow this link to complete your security verification and unlock your VISA® check card :


    Please be aware that until we can verify your identity no further access to your account will be allowed and we will have no other liability for your account or any transactions that may have occurred as a result of your failure to reactivate your account as instructed above.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter .

    Lasalle Bank Accounts Department.

Note: Requests for information will be initiated by our Lasalle Bank Business Development Group, this process cannot be externally expedited through Customer Support

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