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[Bug-AUCTeX] Re: Letterspacing breaks preview?

From: Andreas Matthias
Subject: [Bug-AUCTeX] Re: Letterspacing breaks preview?
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 14:38:10 +0200
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The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gmane.emacs.auctex.bugs as well.

Ralf Angeli wrote:

> * Andreas Matthias (2007-04-06) writes:
>> The error message stays the same. :-/
> Does the following patch work?
> --- preview.el        10 Feb 2007 15:31:34 +0100      1.280
> +++ preview.el        06 Apr 2007 08:02:52 +0200      
> @@ -2674,7 +2674,7 @@
>  \\(?:/+\\(?:\\.+[^()\r\n{} /]*\\|[^()\r\n{} ./]+\
>  \\(?: [^()\r\n{} ./]+\\)*\\(?:\\.[-0-9a-zA-Z_.]*\\)?\\)?\\)*\\)\
>  )*\\(?: \\|\r?$\\)\\|\
> -)+\\([ >]\\|\r?$\\)\\|\
> +\\()+\\)\\|\
>   !\\(?:offset(\\([---0-9]+\\))\\|\
>  name(\\([^)]+\\))\\)\\|\
>  ^Preview: \\([a-zA-Z]+\\) \\([^\n\r]*\\)\r?$" nil t)

Yes. -- At least partly.

A lot of documents are processed without any problems. But especially
very short test files, like the one posted in this thread, have problems
at the first run when preamble caching is turned on. Then no _region_.prv
directory is created and the error message is:

error in process sentinel: unwind-protect: LaTeX found no preview images
error in process sentinel: LaTeX found no preview images

Just the files _region_.{log,pdf,tex} exist. If I then repeat
`preview-buffer' all previews are created and displayed smoothly.

Without preamble caching everything's already fine at the first run.

Maybe this problem with preamble caching has no relation to the
original problem. I remember that I always had problems with preamble
caching on that computer, so I seldom used it.


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