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Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 23:14:13 +0100

2009/8/20 Rugxulo <address@hidden>:
> I already added "_zile" support, it wasn't hard. But if you have a
> better way ....

Using autoconf macros is a bit cleaner, as it sweeps the
platform-specific aspect under the carpet.

> Yes, it does build, but only if you get past "./configure" !! This is
> a very very difficult problem for me.

Sure :(

> 3). Find the problem and patch DJGPP Bash and expect everyone to
> upgrade (not the worst idea, and I'm 100% sure I know where the
> problem is, but I don't know where/how to fix it)      :-/

That's what I'd describe as "the Right Thing To Do".

> 4). Get you (ZILE maintainer) to downgrade to 2.63

Not going to happen, first because I have to use what I get (and 2.64
will be in Ubuntu in a couple of months); secondly because there's not
a bug in autoconf as far as I can see; thirdly because 2.64 is
necessary to FIX one DOS-related bug.

> P.S. More good news:  C-x C-v still seems broken, even in Cygwin.   :-/

Can you give me precise instructions to reproduce it, please? As I
said, for me it works fine on Cygwin, and I found and fixed a memory
allocation bug that caused the bug which I was eventually able to
reproduce on Linux as well. It's easily possible there's another
related bug, as the fix was in at least 2 different places, neither of
which was directly in find-alternate-file.

Belief marks the line at which our thinking stops (Carse)

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