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Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 00:32:10 +0100

2009/8/21 Rugxulo <address@hidden>:
> Workaround? Add parentheses around it.
> sed -i -e '/return \$ac_retval/s//( & )/' configure

If you tell the autoconf people they might have a better idea where
the problem is. It doesn't tell me anything.

> I'll have to rebuild later under Cygwin and e-mail you off-list.
> Suffice to say that starting up and immediately using "C-x C-v"
> doesn't work for me (silent crash).

I just confirmed that it works fine for me (at least, I can type C-x
C-v, complete some file names, and open one), hence I'll need exact

I did notice a bug in the way that completions are displayed, but I
don't think it would cause a crash (basically, if you pop some
completions up, then make a sole completion, then hit TAB, the last
set of completions is still paged through; however, this is just
cosmetic; the only difference from Emacs is that in Emacs once you
have a sole completion, pressing TAB has no effect, but the old list
of completions is still on-screen).

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