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Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)

From: Rugxulo
Subject: Re: ZILE 2.3.10 (Autoconf 2.64 finds deadly DJGPP Bash bug)
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 17:11:06 -0500


On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 3:19 AM, Paolo Bonzini<address@hidden> wrote:
> Can you try applying these two patches to the configure script and see what
> happens?
> +as_fn_cmdsubst () { echo `uname` > /dev/null; return; }
> +as_fn_cmdsubst || : # detect crash on DJGPP bash
> +as_fn_cmdsubst () { : `uname`; return; }
> +as_fn_cmdsubst || : # detect crash on DJGPP bash

I manually typed in both of these separately to ZILE 2.3.11
(pretest)'s configure. Nothing changes, it still exits Bash entirely
when it gets to "checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler...".
Unless I put parentheses around the five "return $ac_retval" parts, it
won't continue to end successfully.

> Is there any other shell, e.g. ash on DJGPP?  (I guess we'll see it from the
> results of this test, though).

Bash is the only "supported" / suggested *nix shell for DJGPP that
actually works worth anything (e.g. ./configure scripts).

I think there was an old old unofficial 3rd-party port of Ash about
ten years ago, but I've never found it. (It's amazing/sad how software
can disappear on you or bitrot, even.) If it makes you feel any
better, I can get dash (Debian Ash) or pdksh to compile, but they
don't actually work.   :-)      The main problems in porting such
things are the DOS cmdline limit (response files), .com and .exe
extensions, long filenames, PATH_SEPARATOR ';' for external DOS apps,
':' otherwise, dir paths (c:\mydir or /dev/c/mydir), no fork (ugh),

Actually, EMX has partial DOS support (and RSX fakes fork somewhat),
so in theory the OS/2 compile of pdksh should work in DOS, but in
practice, it doesn't work at all, not nearly acceptably. And Windows
doesn't support OS/2 either, so that's kinda a bust. (One of the best
advantages of DJGPP: it works everywhere.)

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