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Re: Bash source repository

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: Bash source repository
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 15:59:13 -0400
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On 6/2/11 1:00 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
> Chet Ramey wrote at 17:25 (EDT) on Wednesday:
>> I think this is a great idea.  I've already contacted Bradley and
>> encouraged him to go ahead.  I'd like to thank him publicly for his
>> offer.
> Thanks, Chet!  It was my pleasure to set this up.  Thanks to Jari for
> the original idea and the first attempt, which is what inspired me.
> I did get your email about setting me up on savannah.  I typically only
> have time to work on this on the weekends, so I'll investigate this
> weekend how to replace the repository on savannah with the new one.

Yes, I'm familiar with those constraints. :-)

> In the meantime, I know there are some developers who are using git
> themselves to track their development of patches for Bash.  Chet, would
> you have any objection to using the new repository for that effort?

I'd encourage it.  It should go both ways, too.  There are times that I
post preliminary patches that solve a particular problem to bug-bash
and solicit feedback.  They may be released as official patches, or may
wait until the next version, but they solve or attempt to solve a
specific reported problem.  It would be helpful to have those patches
in this repository as well.

> I'd suggest that we keep the master branch only to track the history of
> releases and officially released patches as Chet posts them, and then we
> can use separate branches for individual developers who want to use Git.
> What do you think of this idea?

I think there should be a master branch, and a branch that includes posted
patches other than those that have been "officially released."  Then other
branches as needed to accommodate developers.

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