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Re: Incorrect / Inconsistent behavior with nameref assignments in functi

From: Binarus
Subject: Re: Incorrect / Inconsistent behavior with nameref assignments in functions
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 06:58:04 +0200
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On 28.08.2020 22:08, Oğuz wrote:
> 5.1 is still in beta phase.

I see. I couldn't use it anyway because the script in question (where I
make heavy use of namerefs and nested function calls) is for production,
and I won't use software which I need to compile myself on those servers
for security reasons (I would need to have to check for security updates
and probably compile and install each new version myself).

Switching those servers to a rolling release distribution like Arch is
not an option either.

>     With 5.1, do both scripts behave like SCRIPT 1 with the older versions
>     or like SCRIPT 2 with the older versions?
> They behave like SCRIPT 2 as expected, local `myArray' is populated with
> the contents of global `myArray'. _identical_ was the wrong word though,
> the second script doesn't copy the integer attribute. 

This is good news. At least, we can expect that problem to be solved in
production releases in the near future. If the debian folks follow the
notion that the problem is a bug, they will eventually backport the
respective changes. If not, I'll probably have to wait at least 5 years
until bash 5.1 arrives in debian (the current testing and even the
current unstable obviously will include 5.0).

The second script not copying the integer attribute is no problem. We
can just use the first script :-)

Once again, thank you very much for all your effort and testing!

Best regards,


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