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Re: arm vmsr bug?

From: nick clifton
Subject: Re: arm vmsr bug?
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 11:52:04 +0000
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Hi Clive,

I think that there's a bug in the generation of ARM vmsr instructions

For future reference, it helps if you can open a bug report for problems like this. You can use the bugzilla system here to do this:


in binutils 2.2.

I assume that you mean 2.22.  Version 2.2 is *really* old...

         vmsr    fpexc, r0

I think this is a bug, unless there's some reason for disallowing fpsid&  fpexc 
that I haven't found....

No. It was just a snafu - the assembler was only supporting the normal mode version of the VMSR instruction, not the priviledged mode versions of it.

I am going to apply the patch below to fix this problem, and a similar one for the VMRS instruction.


2012-03-20  Nick Clifton  <address@hidden>

        * config/tc-arm.c (do_vmrs): Accept priviledged mode VFP system
        (do_vmsr): Likewise.
        (arm_opcode_insns): Do not default to using the FPSCR register in
        the VMRS and VMSR registers.

2012-03-20  Nick Clifton  <address@hidden>

        * gas/arm/vfp1xD.s: Add tests of the VMSR ad VMRS instructions in
        priviledged modes.
        * gas/arm/vfp1xD.d: Update expected output.

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