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[Bug binutils/29075] objdump -S does not support debuginfod

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/29075] objdump -S does not support debuginfod
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 11:02:42 +0000


--- Comment #18 from Nick Clifton <nickc at redhat dot com> ---
Hi Aaron,

>> The other issue is finding the time to actually write this code.  If someone
>> is volunteering then I would be very happy to leave it to them ... :-)
> I'll take a look at this

Thanks!  That would be most appreciated. If you have any questions please feel
free to ask.

> and try to keep any additional debuginfod support
> contained in objdump.

That would be my preference too.  If possible it might be best to put most of
the new code into binutils/dwarf.c since that is turning into a sort of
bfd-free library for the DWARF needs of the binutils tools.  So any
might help other tools like readelf or addr2line.


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