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[Bug binutils/29075] objdump -S does not support debuginfod

From: amerey at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/29075] objdump -S does not support debuginfod
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 18:54:38 +0000


--- Comment #19 from Aaron Merey <amerey at redhat dot com> ---
(In reply to Nick Clifton from comment #18)
> > and try to keep any additional debuginfod support
> > contained in objdump.
> That would be my preference too.  If possible it might be best to put most of
> the new code into binutils/dwarf.c since that is turning into a sort of
> bfd-free library for the DWARF needs of the binutils tools.  So any
> improvements
> might help other tools like readelf or addr2line.

Hi Nick,

I've been experimenting with trying to get things working using just the
existing call to bfd_find_nearest_line_discriminator in objdump.c. Passing the
bfd object of the separate debuginfo instead of the bfd of the parent file
seems to work unless a .gnu_debugaltlink file exists. In this case the bfd
library tries to reopen this file in read_alt_indirect_stirng and
read_alt_indirect_ref but fails to find it since it isn't aware of debuginfod.

One solution to this that avoids adding debuginfod support to libbfd as well as
implementing a new find_nearest_line in binutils/dwarf.c is to add a
_bfd_elf_find_nearest_line_with_gnu_debugaltlink that is based on
_bfd_elf_find_nearest_line but it includes an additional bfd* parameter for the
debugaltlink file. Since the file is manually specified libbfd doesn't have to
search for it.

I think this solution is the simplest way to fully implement debuginfod support
for objdump -S and it can be used by addr2line and readelf as well. WDYT?

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