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Suggestion: Option to use "malloc" instead of stack for parser data-stru

From: Bjorn Remseth
Subject: Suggestion: Option to use "malloc" instead of stack for parser data-structures.
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 14:38:01 +0100

Version of Bison:  bison-1.28.

Rationale:  o Grammar producing  6 MB  'yysva' vector wouldn't run
              due to  limitation in stacksize.

Fix:        o  Extend bison.simple to respond to an option 
               YYSTACK_USE_MALLOC that uses malloc/realloc to allocate
               storage for the parser's data structures, not stackspace.

Status:     o  Not thouroughly tested, in particular not the 
               case where (yystacksize > YYMAXDEPTH), but it works
               for me, and it seemed like a general fix, so I'm 
               submitting it. diff and modified bison.simple are


Bjørn Remseth                             Mail:  address@hidden
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