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Re: beta testing

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: beta testing
Date: 20 Feb 2001 13:32:06 +0100
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Philippe Bekaert <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> No, this is not a question how to generate parsers imbedded in a C++
> class. After carefully studying the bison manual, I found out that there
> is no direct way to do so, but I also found out that it requires only
> small changes to the bison.simple code fragment that bison copies into
> the parser. The changes I did are:

There is no way to produce Parser objects, but I have no problem using
Bison with C++ code.

> - work around the definition of the YYSTYPE union in the generated
> parser code (because I need to include the y.tab.h file in the C++ class
> declaration as a part of the interface to flex. Without changing
> anything, this results in duplicate declaration of the YYSTYPE union). I
> did this by redefining YYSTYPE to something else in the C++ code on top
> of my bison script. On top of bison.simple, YYSTYPE needs to be
> undefined again.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here.  I have it works without
any change.  I use CVS Bison, maybe something had changed since, I
don't remember.

> - global declaration of yychar, yylval, yylloc and yynerrs and the
> forward declaration of yyparse() need to be omitted in bison.simple. I
> did this by introducing a new preprocessor symbol YY_OMIT_DECLS. If this
> symbol is defined, these
> declarations are omitted. 

Again, maybe something changed, but I use bison.simple as is without
any problem.

> In order to install this tweaked version of bison, I downloaded the
> latest release of bison and ... found this FAQ.

It's obsolete :(

> ! Q4.  Will Bison ever have C++ support?
> !
> ! A4.  Yes, it's in the works.  I will need beta testers, however (and
> !     people haven't exactly been lining up for the task).  When this
> !     feature is ready to be tested, it will be announced on the
> !     bug-bison mailing list.  If you're interested in testing C++
> !     support when it becomes available, please consider subscribing to
> !     the list, especially if you are willing to beta test other
> !     releases as well.      
> Please include me on the list. I have access to a couple of SGI machines
> here (besides Solaris and Linux) and can do some beta testing for you.

I don't know of anything related to this.  Jesse wrote that.  Jesse?

> ! Q6.  How do I join the help-bison and bug-bison mailing lists?
> !
> ! A6.  See http://www.gnu.org/ (the section about "GNU mailing lists")
> !    for more information.
> There is no "GNU mailing lists" item on the www.gnu.org page ...

Pff, changing all the time, and this site is a wonderful maze.


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