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Re: beta testing

From: Philippe Bekaert
Subject: Re: beta testing
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:40:53 +0100

> -- But one still has to give thought how to make those macro names that the
> parser uses local.
> -- Another problem is how to deliver the parsed value in a pure (local)
> fashion. Currently one has to write something like
> %{
> my_type global_value; // Global variable
> %}
> %%
> sentence: foo { global_value = $1; /* Deliver the global value */ }
> This is not good if one wants to write thread-safe parsers. -- Somehow, one
> must be able to ensure that every invokation of the parser only uses its
> own local values.

I made all these global variables members of my parser class.
This is what I now got:

class Parser: public Scanner (besides some other classes) {
  (lot's of my_type global_value 's ....)

  void yyerror(char *s);// parser error reporting routine
  int yyparse(void);    // bison generated parser

  YYSTYPE yylval;       // bison generated "global" variables
  int yychar;
  int yynerrs;

  inline int yylex(YYSTYPE *lvalp)
    int token = vrml2_utf8_scanner::yylex(lvalp);
    vrml::current_linenr = yylineno;    // keep track of line number
    return token;

  // by default, yylex fills in yylval "global" variable.
  inline int yylex(void)
    return yylex(&yylval);

  bool parse(char* filename);   // opens the file, initialises the
scanner to read from the file and calls yyparse()

#include "y.tab.h"

class Scanner: pulic FlexLexer { // declared in a header file included
before parser
  YYSTYPE *lastvalp;
  int LexerInput(char *buf, int max_size);

  void init(char* filename); // opens the file and lets lex read from it

  int yylex(YYSTYPE *lvalp);

  virtual void yyerror(char *s);         // overriden in the parser class, so
same routine is used.

The parser.bison script:

#include "parser.H"

#define yyparse Parser::yyparse
#define yylex Parser::yylex
#define yyerror Parser::yyerror
#define yylval Parser::yylval
#define yychar Parser::yychar
#define yydebug Parser::yydebug
#define yynerrs Parser::yynerrs

// the following are used in my modified bison.simple file:
%union { /* stack type */

Best regards,


Philippe Bekaert
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik
Im Stadtwald, Geb. 46.1
66123 Saarbruecken - Germany
+49 681 9325422 (office phone)
+49 681 9325499 (office fax)
+49 179 4503121 (private phone)

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