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Bison 1.28 & SunOS 5.8

From: Carlos . Linares . Lopez
Subject: Bison 1.28 & SunOS 5.8
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 17:23:01 +0200

Hi all,

I've tried, by all means, to work with Bison 1.28 and Flex 2.5.4 on SunOS 5.8
but it does not work at all and I cannot figure out why :(

After configuring, making and installing both products, I compile my small
project and get the executable, how ever as soon as flex&bison start to work
(inmediately!) it
exists with the error: Segmentation fault. I've gone through all the mailing
lists I've seen in Internet reading previous posted messages but I haven't seen
my problem there.
Maybe my .l and .y files are not well programmed, but they work perfectly for
lex & yacc (with the prob that lex cannot handle it and its internal table is
out of memory while
processing my .l).

Please, do you have any suggestions, ideas? What to do? Is there any place where
I could download a bison and/or flex for my SunOS 5.8 which has been previously
compiled and is guaranteed to work!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Carlos Linares,

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