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Re: Bison 1.30f

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Bison 1.30f
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 14:17:47 +0100

At 12:58 +0100 2001/12/11, Hans Aberg wrote:
>I get the following output, which is not in the skeleton file:
>  #ifndef YYSTYPE
>  #define YYSTYPE int
>  #endif
>  #include <stdio.h>

In the Bison generated .cc file, I changed these lines to:
  #ifndef YYSTYPE
  #define YYSTYPE int
  #include <cstdio>
I then preprocessed this file, scanned it for any "using" directives,
verifying that there were no such uses. Then I compiled it under C++.

So I guess the code is the C++ namespace correct, when this change has been

One idea that comes to my mind, is to change the name of the file
bison.simple to two files c.bison, and c++.bison, where the first the
default. This will prepare for the more genuine C++ support soon to be, and
it will make it simpler to edit those files. (Is somebody really interested
in Bison files that can compile under both C/C++?)

  Hans Aberg

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