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Re: Bison 1.30f

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bison 1.30f
Date: 13 Dec 2001 11:29:39 +0100
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Castle <address@hidden> writes:

Hans> I do not care about this myself; but if one should have
Hans> backwards compatibility, then that is how it should have worked.
>> What kind of backward compatibility issue are you referring to?

Mike> The only compaitbility I know of is people using an undocumented
Mike> feature.

Even in this case, I see none!

Mike> I don't know how many bug reports I've sent to various gnome
Mike> projects surrounding the change in YYSTACK_USE_ALLOCA, but in
Mike> each case, it was them using an undocumented feature

I agree.  Many people have been asking for a means to turn off Bison's
use of alloca.  That's why 1.3x is different of 1.28: to let the user
disable alloca via YYSTACK_USE_ALLOCA.

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