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Re: problems compiling groff with gcc-3.0.3

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: problems compiling groff with gcc-3.0.3
Date: 25 Jan 2002 12:23:33 +0100
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Van Holder <address@hidden> writes:

Tim> On Fri, 2002-01-25 at 11:45, Adam Tee wrote:
>> On Friday 25 Jan 2002 9:52 am, you wrote:
>> > At 19:49 -0600 2002/01/24, Courtney Grimland wrote:
>> > >I am in fact using the most recent release of gcc (gcc-3.0.3),
>> and so I > >don't understand the comments about updating compilers.
>> >
>> > So then it is probably the code that's old: Try to flip in a
>> "using > namespace std;" somewhere appropriate.
>> When I reported this problem last week, that's the first thing I
>> did but you still need the #include <iostream(.h)> in there.

Tim> Unless you actually need iostreams anyway, I'd consider including
Tim> cstddef instead (I think that's where size_t gets typedef'ed;
Tim> otherwise, try sys/types.h); including iostreams just to get
Tim> size_t seems overkill.

Correct.  The standard says:

[5.3.3, sizeof]

        6 The result is a constant of type size_t. [Note: size_t is
        defined in the standard header <cstddef>(18.1). ]

Bison is guilty to use it without including the proper header.  Sorry
about this, will be fixed.  In the meanwhile, please include it.

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