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Re: problems compiling groff with gcc-3.0.3

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: problems compiling groff with gcc-3.0.3
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 22:17:51 +0100

At 16:16 +0100 2002/01/26, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>Just to repeat: The pic.y file in question of groff doesn't use
>`size_t' at all!  It is bison which introduces it, so it has to take
>care itself for proper handling.

The thing is that I do not experience any size_t problems in one of my C++
projects: There, they are all in namespace std, with no "using" directives
(which I checked by preprocessing + search).

So the problem is not in the bison.simple file.

Do you know exactly what code is causing the problem? Have you preprocessed
the .tab.cc file, and searched for occurrences of size_t to make sure your
.y not indirectly is calling a size_t instead of a std::size_t?

  Hans Aberg

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