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Re: Building problems with bison-1.34 in GNU/Solaris 8

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Building problems with bison-1.34 in GNU/Solaris 8
Date: 15 Mar 2002 09:28:52 +0100
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| Hi,
| This is just to report a few problems I found building bison-1.34 in
| GNU/Solaris 8. Note that no problem was found with GNU/Linux.
|   1. The tests/*.sh files don't have execute rights. This causes `make
|      check' to fail:
|      FAIL: warning.sh
|      /bin/bash: ./khadafy.sh: Permission denied
|   2. The Spencer bre test #16 failed on a GNU/ Sun Sparc Solaris 8
|      system. I can give you details if you wish.
|   3. During `make install' on the same Solaris 8 system, linking egrep
|      and fgrep to grep fails because these files already exist from a
|      previous version:
|      ln -s grep /usr/local/bin/egrep
|      ln: `/usr/local/bin/egrep': File exists
| These are not severe issues, as everything works fine on GNU/Linux!
| However, I can try to help in finding a clean solution to at least the
| 1/ and 3/ issues, working on the autoconf and automake files, if you
| wish.

There is some confusion here.  I think you meant to report these
issues to the GNU Grep people.

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