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Need assistance

From: Charles Duke
Subject: Need assistance
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 11:29:00 -0500

Attempting to build libpcap.a,   Please advise ASAP.  Thank you in advance.

The Makefile encounters the following line:

bison -y -p pcap_ -d ./grammar.y

and yields the following error list:

m4: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
[[  case 2:
#line 141 "./grammar.y"
        finish_parse(]b4_rhs_value([2], [2], [blk])[.b);
make: 1254-059 The signal code from the last command is 13.


Here is the list of files in the directory libpcap-0.7.1:

.cvsignore     acconfig.h     config.sub     nametoaddr.c   pcap-null.c
CHANGES        aclocal.m4     configure      nametoaddr.o   pcap-pf.c
CREDITS        arcnet.h       configure.in   net            pcap-pf.h
CVS            bpf            etherent.c     nlpid.h        pcap-snit.c
FILES          bpf_dump.c     etherent.o     optimize.c     pcap-snoop.c
INSTALL.txt    bpf_dump.o     ethertype.h    optimize.o     pcap.3
LICENSE        bpf_filter.c   gencode.c      packaging      pcap.c
Makefile       bpf_filter.o   gencode.h      pcap-bpf.c     pcap.h
Makefile.in    bpf_image.c    gencode.o      pcap-dlpi.c    pcap.o
README         bpf_image.o    grammar.y      pcap-dlpi.o    ppp.h
README.aix     config.cache   inet.c         pcap-enet.c    savefile.c
README.linux   config.guess   inet.o         pcap-int.h     savefile.o
README.tru64   config.h       install-sh     pcap-linux.c   scanner.c
SUNOS4         config.h.in    lbl            pcap-namedb.h  scanner.l
TODO           config.log     llc.h          pcap-nit.c     sll.h
VERSION        config.status  mkdep          pcap-nit.h

As you can see, grammar.y is present, so the inability of bison to find it is 

Charles Duke
231 Maple Ave.
Burlington, NC 27215
336-436-4139 (Office)
336-436-1047 (Fax)
336-212-2015 (Mobile)
877-344-3729 (Pager)

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