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Re: bug in bison 1.875

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: bug in bison 1.875
Date: 28 Feb 2003 22:11:22 -0800
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Martin MOKREJŠ <address@hidden> writes:

> cc: Error: configure, line 4919: Bug found in compiler: 
> generate_address_constant : Unexpected opcode. (compilerbug)
>           bool e = &s;
> -------------------^
> Internal compiler error detected at line 1512 in file 
> /usr/proj/decc2/ccdtk-v4-2/src/me_gemc/initgen.c.
> cc: Fatal: A memory access violation (bus error or segmentation fault)
> has occurred.  Please submit a problem report.

That should be OK.  "configure" will notice that the compiler doesn't
support "bool", and will cause Bison to not use "bool".

> So I'd go for the test-code above or just check version output of the
> compiler.

I'd prefer a solution that actually reflects the problem, not some
arbitrary thing like a version number, or a compiler that happens to
fail with some seemingly unrelated property like "bool".
Unfortunately we don't know what the real problem is yet.

> Actually, I think I forgot to run make check. ;( A lot of them failed now.

With as many test failures and compiler errors as you're reporting,
I suspect that your compiler installation is broken somehow.

> $ cc -V
> Compaq C V6.5-207 (dtk) on Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885)
> Compiler Driver V6.5-207 (dtk) (dtk) cc Driver

I just searched groups.google.com, and the only other mention I saw of
this compiler indicated that it had serious internal errors.  So
perhaps we should just chalk this up to a seriously bad compiler, and
leave it at that.  See:


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