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[Fwd: implementing NDR parsing method into bison]

From: jonhattan
Subject: [Fwd: implementing NDR parsing method into bison]
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:32:58 +0000

Hi, I sand this message yesterday to help-bison but it seems this is the
correct list so here it goes:

-----Mensaje reenviado-----
From: jonhattan <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Cc: Miguel Ángel Perez Aguiar <address@hidden>, Jose Fortes <address@hidden>
Subject: implementing NDR parsing method into bison
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:33:05 +0000

hi all,

i'm Jonathan, formally Francisco Araña but this issue doesn't matter
right now :)

I'm a student of Computer Engineering at the University of Las Palmas de
Gran Canaria (ULPGC)[1] at Canary Islands (Spanish State). In my final
project i'm going to implement NDR into bison as a new parsing method. 

As some of you can remember, about two years ago Carlos Javier Borges,
another student of the ULPGC, contacted this list to announce his
project[2] that was in part similar to mine but implementing DR method.
He finally made a fork of bison called fullbison or bisondr[3] and this
method was not integrated in the bison development branch. 

Right now i'm analizing the source code of bison because since the
analisis of Carlos Javier Villalba (version 1.49) has been some changes.
In the next step of my project i'll explain the NDR method and finally
the implementation into bison will be made. My intention is to insert it
in the current development branch so I ask you wich is the better way to
do it and also what is the actual state of the code to insert such a new
method with it's own skeleton and that things.

DR is Discriminating Reverse, a method to parse gramms invented by José
Fortes Galvez, the tutor of my project, in it's thesis "A Discriminating
Reverse Approach to LR(k) Parsing". NDR is a non canonical extension
that accepts non-LR grammars. We are setting up a web page with some
documents explaining both methods, i'll let you know about it.

After I finish my project we want to continue maintaining the code and
perhaps(surely) include DR method that was left aside of main bison in
the previous project. "We" is the compilers department of the ULPGC to
which J.Fortes and Miguel Angel Perez Aguiar (my tutors) belongs and me.

Finally, documentation will be generated in both spanish and english.  


[3]http://bisondr.galeon.com (only spanish)
lo digital no sustituye a lo orgánico

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