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Re: a probalem with Bison

From: josephus
Subject: Re: a probalem with Bison
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 07:42:47 -0500
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Paul Eggert wrote:
josephus <address@hidden> writes:

Algol.h is made with bison -v -d algol.y

No, that command creates "algol.tab.h", not "algol.h".  Nor does it
help if I manually rename the former to the latter; your stuff still
doesn't compile for me.

But I start with just what you have.  I make the include file and make
any changes I need.

Can you please send a complete, self-contained test case, that
contains all the files that one would need to recreate the problem,
along with detailed instructions about how to reproduce it?  I still
don't know what your problem is, and so I can't reproduce it.

I have a small problem with Bison.20.a It wants
sugarm4/sugarM4.m4 and it does not exist on my system.

This suggests that you have an installation problem on your host.
"make install" should have put m4sugar into a file with a name like
/usr/local/share/bison/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4, and Bison should be
able to use that file when it runs.

I have been trying to remake algol.h and I discovered that bison is not working correctly at all. I thought it was working but I must have been using an older algol.h. bison -v -d nualgol.y does not generate nualgol.table and does not generate nualgol.tab.h

I found the m4 files in the bison source direct y, but there is no m4sugar.m4
there is no sugar anything.

I have 'block.c' which was built on the ATARI with Berkley yacc. it will parse a significant portion of the test.alg. this is the old yacc built with K&R source and my flex. why doesnt bison do this?

You were right I did not make install. I ran it and bison stared working. It is not always clear what is required from the more complex systems. I actually expected to just replace bison. It was the least change to my system. I hate make install. It would mangle my file system. not only would it maxed out the portion, it would overwrite datafiles. I would have to manually repair the system or delete everything and reinstall. I am working on this little compiler and I really am tired of starting over.

I noticed that the .h file has a double wrapper. It doesn't seem to work right. I understand that we don't want multiple includes. I am trying to avoid that. all I do is rename the .h file.

bison is now working, but the parse tables are still insane. I recover the grammar that parsed and bison still does not parse the test file. In fact begin generates an error instead of a shift. I know how it should work, because I built TSLRX. it is an SLR table generator. I developed the basic grammars with it. I made it do most things YACC or BISON could do. so I know that the tables are not sane. In TSLRX I make the tables explicit and they are not compressed. I am familiar with the way state tables work. so a reasonable expectation is first should shift, it is not an error.

the grammars are not complex nor large.  so the language is small.
i have somewhat complex expressions but mostly they are SLR.

hopefully I have been somewhat more helpful. I pay attention. And I rally do try to take advice.


I start with  algol.y and algol.l
bison -v -d algol.y
rename algol.tab.h algol.h
flex algol.l
compile and link.

the flex output will not terminate normally.
I have to put in an explicit exti(0);
then I   test
    talgol test.alg  1> err.lst 2>&1; vi err.lst

this is all there is to my process. No include souces, no file handling, I dont want to debug anything but my little program. previously I could parse various construcitons and the grammar was not entirley sane., but it uould parse freely insane or not.

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