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webkit will not build with bison 2.4

From: George Sherwood
Subject: webkit will not build with bison 2.4
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:44:25 -0600

I have reported a bug with the webkit developers, but thought maybe you
would have a fix, so I can continue building webkit nightly builds and
have bison 2.4 installed.  Webkit build fine with bison 2.3.

It fails very early in the build with this error:

cat ./DerivedSources/Grammar.hpp > ./DerivedSources/Grammar.h
rm -f ./DerivedSources/Grammar.hpp bison_out.txt
rm -f ./DerivedSources/CSSGrammar.cpp.h ./DerivedSources/CSSGrammar.hpp
/usr/bin/bison -d -p cssyy WebCore/css/CSSGrammar.y -o 
WebCore/css/CSSGrammar.y:348.11-20: symbol maybe_sgml redefined
make: *** [DerivedSources/CSSGrammar.cpp] Error 1

George Sherwood
Lead Developer Source Mage GNU/Linux

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