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bug report - Solaris 10 on M4000 system

Subject: bug report - Solaris 10 on M4000 system
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:20:30 +0000

After "make check", two tests failed and two were skipped, the end msg asked 
for bug reports so here it is. I've attached testsuite.log as requested and I 
added config.log since I figured that would tell you nearly everything about my 
environment you would need to know. In case that isn't fully true, here is 
other info:

Platform: M4000 zone
OS: Solaris 10
Using /usr/sfw build environment. I modernized the binutils, make, autoconf and 
a few others from the baseline Oracle/Sun provided. Compiling against Sun libc, 
not gnu libc.

I had to remove the "perl -f" line from the Makefile by hand to get a build. I 
read an earlier report that a newer perl would get past the "-f" crash, but I 
updated from 5.8.4 to 5.14.2 and still had the issue. Removing the "-f" from 
the perl invocation in the Makefile allowed me to build and test/check.

If you have any followup questions for details about my environment, please 
don't hesitate to ask. GNU has given me a lot and I'd be happy to pay some 
back. (yes, I have ordered GNU books and merchandise to support GNU)

I hope this finds you well

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