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Re: C++17 skeleton with move semantics and std::variant

From: Hans Åberg
Subject: Re: C++17 skeleton with move semantics and std::variant
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 19:07:23 +0200

> On 9 Apr 2018, at 18:55, Frank Heckenbach <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hans Åberg wrote:
>>> position.hh is also generated from location.cc (a bit confusing
>>> perhaps; not my choice). If you remove all generated files and start
>>> from scratch, does it work for you with the above patch?
>> It is malformed, perhaps mangled by the mailing system: they
>> should be posted as files, I think. Better you fix it. When I
>> compiled it, I kept the name of position.hh, only changing
>> location.cc.
> Seems not mangled to me, perhaps locally mangled on your end.

Yes, that is what I say: the mail system assumes it is ordinary text and make 
changes, unlike it is an attachment.

> Anyway, try this attachment.

Not that the patch is not for files with 'c++17-' in them. This one is better. 
I got:
$ patch < ../patch-c++.txt
patching file stack.hh
Hunk #1 FAILED at 130.
Hunk #2 FAILED at 146.
2 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file stack.hh.rej
can't find file to patch at input line 33
Perhaps you should have used the -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|--- location.cc
|+++ location.cc
File to patch: 

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