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Re: C++17 skeleton with move semantics and std::variant

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: C++17 skeleton with move semantics and std::variant
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 17:24:46 +0200

Hans Åberg wrote:

> > Don't forget to copy location.cc back to /usr/local/share/bison/.
> > As I said, this file is the same between the old (C++03) and new
> > (C++17) skeletons and therefore not included in my new skeleton.
> > (You can also copy back stack.hh and lalr1.cc, if you want full
> > support for extra_header_prefix with the old skeleton, but that's
> > not required for the C++17 as those two files are overriden by
> > "-c++1[17]" versions.)
> Rename, if possible, all these patched files to location-c++17.cc,
> stack-c++17.hh, etc, as they are not in the original distribution.

I called it stack-c++11.hh because it only uses move (C++11), not
variants (C++17). And I've explained why I didn't rename
location.cc. If you disagree, please reply to those posts of mine.

> Otherwise, it works now with using the patched location.cc and stack.hh.

Good to know, thanks.


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