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open bugs on 2.1.14?

From: Eric Sorenson
Subject: open bugs on 2.1.14?
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 17:36:46 -0700 (PDT)

Can everyone who is currently experiencing a bug with cfengine please 
take a couple of minutes and do two (hopefully) quick things to help the 
community out?

1. Make sure that your bug is still present under 2.1.14 (so we have a 
   baseline to work from)

2. If it is, go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/cfengine and write 
   it up in the Bug Tracker.

I found myself with a free afternoon today and wanted to dig into some 
cfengine bugs but it wasn't clear to me from the last week or two of 
the archives whether people got resolution on them or not.  
Specifically --

- "Re: Copy/Purge exclude problem" -- was this a doc bug ('ignore' vs 
'include' in the docs) or a real problem?

- "Re: [Cfengine] Re: Problems with cfservd and SIGCHLD" -- did the 
  SIG_DFL patch fix everyone's problems who saw things related to 
  popen() ignoring SIGCHLD ?  There were some people with defunct 
  ifconfig, and other possibly-related reports. 

Please, if you've got open bugs, file them -- we need to bootstrap up 
the SF bugtracker and it'll just take a bit of effort to get the ball 
rolling.  Thanks

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