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Re: [Cfengine] Weird bugs

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: Re: [Cfengine] Weird bugs
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 08:43:55 +0200
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Tim Nelson wrote:
On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Chip Seraphine wrote:

Count me in with the people who are interested in Jason's patches. We are all accustomed to mysterious lognames in /var/cfengine, and can live with it; but that doesn't mean it would not be preferable to fix the problem. I would love to have the lognames make sense!

Count me in with the people who see weird log names. I haven't noticed the e-mail from thing, but it sounds like something that busy sysadmins would normally ignore.

I suspect that if Jason produces a patch, it will actually be shorter than these long e-mails he's been sending us.


Me too, and the email patch makes sense. I have just checked it ;-)

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