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Re: Weird bugs

From: Jason Kim
Subject: Re: Weird bugs
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 15:56:43 -0400
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On Thursday 06 October 2005 16:36, Jason Kim wrote:
> > What is your suggested resolution of the problem?
> I propose: a) querying cfagent for the correct VUQNAME/VDOMAIN from within
> GetCfStuff (it already queries for VFQNAME) instead of using calls to
> GetNameInfo(), and b) possibly making the 'domain' variable mandatory
> within all cfagent confs. My reasoning for this is that according to my
> tests, cfagent will always come to the correct name/domain conclusions _as
> long as_ a 'domain' var is set, regardless of whether or not the hostname
> is fully qualified or not.
> One possible issue with this is that GetNameInfo() seems to set certain
> classes as a side effect, and I'm not sure whether this behavior is
> required in cfexecd. I didn't see any obvious need for it, but I'm sure I
> don't know the code as well as you...
I've patched cfexecd from the latest subversion code and tested it using both 
qualified and unqualified hostnames, it's been working fine for a few hours 
now. The patch wasn't as invasive as I'd originally feared, but it does 
affect GetCfStuff() and ScheduleRun() functions.


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