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Re: dd hangs when attempting to access a tape drive

From: Curt Blank
Subject: Re: dd hangs when attempting to access a tape drive
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 13:15:09 -0500
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Jim Meyering wrote:

It sounds like a problem with an underlying driver.
I'm doubt it's worth trying to work around in dd.  Besides,
what can dd do?  If you request a block size of 32, it can't
very well opt to use 512 because using 32 might make hang a
buggy driver.

Yeah I agree, doesn't seem worth the effort and second guessing what really to do would be tough. Like I said, just curious if you had some magical way to do it.

Did you try specifying just the *output* block size?
E.g., rather than using bs=32 (which sets both input and output
block sizes), specify only obs=32.

No not before, I did see suggestions to trying ibs and obs but got side tracked in getting the perl script and C program working. I just tried it:

dd if=dev/nst0 obs=32

and it wrote out the full 512 bytes to stdout. I tried:

dd if=dev/nst0 of=e.e obs=32

just in case it had something to do with stdout and it wrote the full 512 bytes to e.e too.

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