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Re: sort does not use tab as delimiter

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: sort does not use tab as delimiter
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 11:01:00 -0700
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DI Oliver Maurhart wrote:
> Well, yes, maybe. To insert a tab on a console based on simultaneously
> pressing a combination of several keys on the keyboard ... gee, <tab>:
> bash-completion, <alt>-<tab>: whhoppp there it goes I'm in my second app
> on the desktop, <ctrl>-<tab>: weeee, I'm in yet another desktop ...

Okay, just so that we are clear, you are now saying that *your* choice
of graphical window manager is an issue?  The window manager will of
course intercept keys before giving them to the application.  Window
managers do that as it is how they get commands themselves.  But if
you don't like the way your window manager does this you are free to
choose a different one or reconfigure your present one.

Most window managers are configurable.  I suggest either choosing a
window manager that you like out of the box or learning how to
configure it to avoid the keys that you want to use in your
applications.  Most window managers have been written with knowledge
of application keys and avoid the most commonly used ones.

> Maybe a <ctrl>-<shift>-<alt>-<esc>-<tab> will do ... (hoping no window
> manager reserved that combination already for some fancy thing) but it's
> sure a hard task to convince people that this keyboard-tipping-kung-fu
> is a *good* solution.

I think you are making this problem harder than it needs to be.

A technical problem with in-band-control from the keyboard is that
there needs to be some way for the keyboard to be used and to switch
control from the window manager to the tty driver if a tty driver is
inline, to the application.  This means that there needs to be some
type of control sequence or some type of escape sequence or some type
of key modifiers applied in order to differentiate keys available to
each of the different processes along the way.  You may call that a
footpedal-propeller-foo key but since there is no alternative you are
completely stuck.

I suggest a paper bound notebook.  They have been in use for many
years and have a proven track record.  Keep dry and away from fire.
Unfortunately compatibility issues there abound too.  Notably if you
write them left-handed and in the reverse direction they are hard to
read by others, but if you are a genius like Leonardo then you can get
away with it.

> No. Actually the $'\t' works! It's pretty cool. I'm into Linux for
> several years now, but everyday you get surprised by such small goodies.
> Didn't know of that one.
> On the other side, I wonder, if this is also available on other shells
> like csh, korn-shell or some XYZ-Shell.

Nope.  That is a bash specific feature.

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As long as I am in a mood...  Gosh that is a very long signature.
Perhaps consider trimming it down to something of only a few lines?
It is generally considered more friendly to keep them short and sweet.


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