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Re: sort does not use tab as delimiter

From: DI Oliver Maurhart
Subject: Re: sort does not use tab as delimiter
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 19:59:00 +0100
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>> Well, yes, maybe. To insert a tab on a console based on simultaneously
>> pressing a combination of several keys on the keyboard ... gee, <tab>:
>> bash-completion, <alt>-<tab>: whhoppp there it goes I'm in my second app
>> on the desktop, <ctrl>-<tab>: weeee, I'm in yet another desktop ...
> Okay, just so that we are clear, you are now saying that *your* choice
> of graphical window manager is an issue?  The window manager will of

Oh, you simply misunderstood. That was satirical. Didn't you notice
that? Are there some others too, which missed that as well?

I don't *really* think, it's a good idea to change one's WM keyboard
shortcuts in order to have "sort" working nice and ergonomic, capable of
letting the user sort any files delimited by <tab>. (A: "Could you
please sort this file for me?" B: "Nope, my new machine got KDE
installed. It won't work!")

WM -> Terminal Progie -> Bash -> sort

Tuning "WM" in order to get a feature for "sort" is ... well ...
questionable, isn't it?

But, maybe, it wasn't that clear enough and missed someone ...

> A technical problem with in-band-control from the keyboard is that
> there needs to be some way for the keyboard to be used and to switch
> control from the window manager to the tty driver if a tty driver is
> inline, to the application.  This means that there needs to be some
> type of control sequence or some type of escape sequence or some type
> of key modifiers applied in order to differentiate keys available to
> each of the different processes along the way.  You may call that a
> footpedal-propeller-foo key but since there is no alternative you are
> completely stuck.

Nope. I certainly disagree on that. Quoting is out there and is
standardized (though: "there are many standards to chose from" ... (C)A.
Tannenbaum). The question is solely: does sort support it or not. And
currently it simply doesn't. That's all.

> I suggest a paper bound notebook.  They have been in use for many
> years and have a proven track record.  Keep dry and away from fire.

Good idea! Do you know if there's a working xorg-driver out there and
are there any tricks configuring ALSA on it or is kernel compilation
straight forward? ... :-)

>> No. Actually the $'\t' works! It's pretty cool. I'm into Linux for
>> several years now, but everyday you get surprised by such small goodies.
>> Didn't know of that one.
>> On the other side, I wonder, if this is also available on other shells
>> like csh, korn-shell or some XYZ-Shell.
> Nope.  That is a bash specific feature.

Thought so. Actually that's bad, isn't it.

>>  * This is my signature
> As long as I am in a mood...  Gosh that is a very long signature.
> Perhaps consider trimming it down to something of only a few lines?

Sorry, I hadn't subscribed the list and therefore wasn't aware of the
fact, that so many people will read that.

I typed "man sort" and found this address to write to. I really didn't
expect this audience. So again, sorry everybody.


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