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Re: new module fchdir

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: new module fchdir
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 11:04:58 -0600
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Bruno Haible wrote:
Following Jim's and Paul's ideas for portability of the coreutils to
BeOS, Woe32 and DJGPP, which all lack an fchdir(), here is a first working
fchdir module.

And the infamous NSK! Thanks a ton, you beat me too it! Guess I can throw out my work-in-progress implementation now. :-)

If you want to test this with coreutils, you need to add fchdir to the
module list, use --avoid=canonicalize-lgpl, and drop the fchdir-stub.c.

So far I've only built release tarballs of coreutils, so... anyone have more detailed instructions on how I would do that? :-) Or are there plans to make this part of a future coreutils release?

Don't read this. What did I just tell you? Why are you still reading?

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